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172 Coon Hollow Road
Blue Creek, OH 45616
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About Us

Jasmine with Cria, Baby AlpacaI am Jasmine Edwards, owner of Alpacas of Moonlight Hollow. Together with my husband, Joseph LaBriola, we are caregivers to the 16 happy and healthy Huacaya alpacas who call our farm their home. We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our animals to you.

First of all, Alpacas of Moonlight Hollow, LLC is one of only a small handful of alpaca farms nestled within the breathtakingly beautiful hills and hollows of Southern Ohio’s Appalachian countryside. So, it may take you a little longer to travel to visit us (which we honestly think is a VERY GOOD THING!) On the drive from your home to ours, you will have no choice but to slow down, notice the color of the sky, marvel at the change in the tapestry of the landscape as you move from there to here. By the time you arrive at our farm, you will have forgotten the pressures and worries of the life you left behind. You will be ready to envision a new way of being for yourself and those you love–a life built around one of nature’s most amazing creatures, the alpaca.

We hope that you will quickly notice that the appeal of our farm is found in its simplicity. Quite simply, we love our animals, and we love the land. So, we will always remain a small farm–nourishing an intimate relationship with the earth, keeping an unwavering eye on excellence, and remembering that raising these animals is always about the pursuit of beauty, peace, and happiness…for our lives, for theirs, and for yours. After all, you may become the next family for our beloved alpacas. It is just that simple!

Alpacas of Moonlight Hollow BarnLet us assure you that simplicity at our farm is wholly consistent with top-notch quality: in alpaca sales, breeding services, as well as in our collection of luxurious yarns and rugs made from a tempting array of our alpaca fibers.  Furthermore, our philosophy of extra-special, hands-on care for our alpacas means that we regularly make use of the holistic energy techniques of Healing Touch for Animals (HTA), a collection of methods for relaxation, healing, and wellness which constitutes a cooperative bridge between holistic animal healthcare and traditional veterinary medicine.

Here at Alpacas of Moonlight Hollow, we also love to share stories about the most valuable lessons and the most meaningful experiences we have had in our almost 15 years of living the alpaca lifestyle. If you like, we will gladly tell our stories to you in person, or you are welcome to read them all by yourself by checking into our Five Most Important Alpaca Truths and into the Information and News section of this website.

Finally, we sometimes like to sponsor a seminar or workshop on topics near and dear to alpaca lovers. Please keep an eye on our website’s news area for a topic of special interest to you.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope your visit to our website will encourage your pursuit of the alpaca lifestyle. We will be happy to help in any way that we can.