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Healing Touch Services (HTA)

Holistic Energy Healing and Behavioral Training for Alpacas

Alpacas of Moonlight Hollow, LLC offers holistic energy healing services and education to alpaca farms for the purpose of strengthening and protecting alpaca health and behavioral well-being.

Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) encompasses a group of non-invasive techniques that utilize the hands to clear, energize, and balance human, animal, and environmental energy fields. It is a cooperative healing process which supports and enhances the benefits of traditional veterinary medicine by promoting relaxation, healing, and wellness. Therefore, it is a “way to help” during those times when we are awaiting medical advice or when we simply wish to facilitate the emotional and physical comfort of one of our valued animals.

HTA offers healing advantages for illness, surgical recovery, pregnancy/birthing, weaning, grief/separation (due to animal sales, death, and other life transitions), and stress of all kinds (shots, toenail trimming, vet visits, etc.) It also provides opportunities to improve animal behavior and personality, as well as inspire maximum show performance.

Pricing and Terms

  • One hour of Healing Touch for Animals assessment and/or treatment is: $80.00 *
  • One-half hour of Healing Touch for Animals services is: $40.00 *
* Additional fees will be calculated for mileage and accommodations if the practitioner travels to your farm.

Remember, an alternative to in-person, hands-on treatment is available by way of long-distance energy work conducted by telephone.  Above rates apply.